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WordPress SEO Tips For Beginners: How To Improve SEO Without A Plugin?

wordpress seo tips

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How to increase your website revenue? Increase your website traffic. So how to increase traffic? Use SEO on your website. Again, what’s an SEO? Stop going round in circles and follow these easy WordPress SEO tips for beginners.


1. Update website visibility

fig. i. Search engine visibility

Login to your website admin panel and go to Settings > Reading and make sure “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” on Search engine visibility option is unchecked. This helps Google, Bing and other search engine to find and index your website.

The easier you make for Google, Bing and other search engine to find your website, the more visitors you will get.

2. Change permalinks

fig. ii. Choosing best permalinks format

Make sure to make your website url more user friendly. for example this post has url:
instead of

Sure, you can also use the Custom Structure option but make sure to make it meaningful. Like, if you want to display your projects in your website, you can structure your url as:[project-name-here]

Not only these permalinks are much easier to read, websites following these practices rank better.

3. Format blog headings

fig. iii. Headers help to create document outline

Formatting your articles into heading(usually H2) and sub headings(usually H3) helps to outline these HTML documents.

Most importantly, these headings helps readers to skim over the content and get the idea of the article quickly.

Till now you must have figured it out.

The three most important WordPress SEO tips is to provide value, value and value to people. Either by making your content and website easier, faster, so on and so on. If you keep on working with that in mind, everything else follows.

4. Focus on categories, tags, keywords, links

Categories and Tags
fig. iv. Categories and tags

Click the Settings icon right next to the blue Publish button on the top right corner. Then, go to the Document tab and as shown in fig iv. add relevant categories and tags. These categories and tags will keep your articles more organized.

Wondering what is keyword? Well, it is the word or phrase you search in Google. for eg. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” or it could be as simple as “Thin Lizzy”.

Most probably you googled with this keyword “WordPress SEO tips”, that’s how you ended up reading this article.

You should research on the keyword trends to know what people are searching. That way you know what should be your focus. You can give what your audience want. Also, you don’t want to write an article that nobody reads.

Internal linking can boost the organic traffic of your site website by 40% according to this case study.

Not compulsory but whenever you use data from other sites/sources, add the outbound links too. That way your website looks more authentic plus you will be acknowledging someone’s effort.

5. Add Alt Text to images

fig. v. Image with alt text

After you upload the image, you can see Alt Text option for your image. Write text describing the image so that it is easier for readers to visualize it, even without seeing that image.

This alternative text is useful for people with visual impairment.


Even if you have never done SEO, you can use these basic SEO tips for your WordPress site. Though there is more to it, this should work as a decent starting point.

If you are ready to learn more, you might want to SEO your website using plugins too. Because these plugins make your life easier. They track your article and suggest improvements to optimize your article.

But, sometimes plugin makes your website slow or open to vulnerabilities. If you love minimalism then you might prefer to not use SEO plugins. And it’s fine.

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