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How to earn money online in Nepal 2021?

earn money online

Do you know if you have an internet connection at your home then there are various methods that can help you generate income sitting at your home? Yes, you can work from home and earn money online. The coronavirus impact has caused people to lose their jobs and many are struggling hard to bounce back but are sort of ideas and skills. This article will help you earn 5 to 6 figure income sitting at your home with basic skills, an internet connection, and a laptop or mobile phone.

Best online sites to earn money online from Nepal 2021

There are many sites on the internet that claim to provide the best freelancing jobs/tasks for you. You may get into these sites randomly and later realize they are just the deliberately fabricated hoaxes. Such scams are very common on the internet and you need to be much aware not to get scammed. While working online, the primary challenge is to select the right and legit site that best suits your skill. Here you will be learning about three such legit sites that will make sure you generate income as per your skill and time investment. They are,, and micro working

earn money online


Fiverr is one of the genuine freelancing platforms from where one can earn money online starting from 5$ per project. Click here to know more about Fiverr authenticity. On Fiverr, You can sell your services to the clients from different countries by just signing up as a seller from Fiverr/signup and creating the gig(virtual shop) as per your skill. such skill my be:

  1. Website Design
  2. Coding/App Development
  3. Logo Design/Photo & Video Editing
  4. Writing/Ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading
  5. Transcription
  6. Translation
  7. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power-point tasks
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Video and Animation
  10. Music & audio and so on.

After you create your gig, clients will visit it as per their requirement. Now, if they find you worthy and cost-effective, they will hire you for their project. So you need to invest your time in creating the best gig which converts. To learn more about creating a gig click here.

Payment withdrawal from Fiverr into a local bank account in Nepal:

After you earn more than $20, you can withdraw the amount. Fiverr basically provides two withdrawal options for people residing outside the US. One by Payoneer and the second by PayPal. Since Paypal is not considered legal in Nepal, we can withdraw the amount using a Payoneer card and then transferring it to any local bank account. If you don’t have a Payoneer card don’t worry, you can simply apply for it from here(Payoneer registration) for free.

Once you get the card, you can fill your detailed information and transfer the amount directly to your bank account from the Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to make the withdrawal of amount up to $5000 but just once in 24 hours.


Upwork is another popular and genuine freelancing site where you can simply sign up and work from Nepal. It allows you to register yourself for free to work as a service seller or a freelancer on different categories for free. This site also provides you the best opportunity to earn money online by working for clients as per your skill and availability. Some of the categories on which you can freelance on Upwork are:

  • Writing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Design & Creative
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Translation
  • Engineering & Architecture

You will get various sub-categories under the above categories from where you can select and work for the one as per your skill and interest. Upwork has made the provision of connects which you can use to bid on the projects and submit a proposal to the employers. The number of connects required to bid on the project differs according to the weightage of the job and its longevity.

You can start bidding the projects using one to six connects at a time. Here, You need to be very much aware while using them as only 20 connects are provided to the freelancers for free. If you spend those 20 connects and still not get a project then there comes the issue. You cannot bid for more projects with zero connects. In that case, Upwork provides you the option of buying them at the rate of 10 connects for $1.5. To Know everything about buying connects, click here.

Payment withdrawal from Upwork into a local bank account in Nepal

Upwork allows you to transfer your earnings directly into your local bank account. You no longer need to drag yourself opting out different methods to receive your payment, which is one of the finest features of Upwork. So, you can completely focus on winning the bid and timely handover of the project without worrying about the payment withdrawal method.

earn money online

Picoworkers, another legit site to earn money online

Picoworkers is a site for outsourcing and freelancing micro-tasks. Here, clients hire a freelancer to do tasks related to promotion on social networks, writing, testing websites, downloading software, searching, installing and testing mobile apps. Also, you can get tasks related to language learning, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services and so on.

The sign-up process and the task is much easier in this site as compared to other sites but understanding the task before attempting it is vital as your client may not get satisfied if you do it differently. The tasks may feel confusing at first but you will learn eventually. You can earn from $0.01 to $1.5 per task depending upon the clients and the weightage of the task. If you work full time, you can make a good earning from this site too.

Payment withdrawal from Picoworkers in Nepal

Picoworkers lets you withdraw your income once you earn $5.40. The best way to make a withdrawal of the payment from Picoworkers is to create a Skrill account for free and then transferring the income to that account. Now, you can transfer the amount to the eSewa account and receive your payment from there. In short, to receive the payment of Picoworkers you need to have a Skrill account and an eSewa account. If you don’t have one, click here to create an eSewa account and here to create a skrill account for free.

You can make a good earning of four to five figures from all of these three sites but consistency is the key. So, give them a try and keep pushing yourself because it is worth it.

Happy Freelancing!!

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