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How to create a YouTube channel and make a good earning 2021?

create a youtube and earn money

Are you planning to take off your career with YouTube? If yes then you are on the right platform. Here, you will be learning everything about YouTube and the proper way to create a youtube channel to attract more viewers. This article will also teach you some youtube hacks which will be helpful in improving viewer retention percentage thus generating more revenue.

Overview, YouTube

YouTube is a free video-sharing site, founded by Steve ChenChad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2005. They all were early employees of PayPal who later sold the site to Google for US$1.65 billion in November 2006.

With 1.3 billion users, YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries. Around 3.25 billion hours of videos are being watched every month on YouTube making it one of the most popular sites on the Web. If you ever have watched a video on the web, there is a good chance of it being a youtube video. Also, 6% of google’s sales revenue is generated from youtube. Every year, the number of channels in youtube earning a six-figure income is increasing by around 50%. At the age of 6, the youngest Youtube star Ryan ToysReview made $11,000,000 in 2017. This means, if you are willing to give your hundred per cent, you definitely are gonna get good returns.

create a YouTube channel

This is how you create a Youtube channel

Follow the given steps to create a you-tube channel that converts:

1. Sign up using a google account:

Go to and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a google account you can create one here.

Note: Go for a brand channel rather than the personal channel

While creating a channel you will get two options, one to create an account for yourself which will be accessible only to you and another is to create a brand channel which can be accessed by other people whoever you want to give access to for channel management. Another thing to know and think about is, for the personal channel you cannot use a custom name and it will be restricted to your google account’s name. But the case is not same for the brand channel, you can customize the name according to your requirement. However, if you already have made a channel then dont worry, you can change it later too.

Once you sign in, on the top right corner you can see a profile picture like icon. If you are signing in for the first time you will see the create channel option there, click that and create a channel.

2. Do the primary set ups:

After creating a channel, you have to do the primary setups. At first, you-tube asks you to give a channel name. You can keep your personal name or any customized name as a channel name. To give the perfect name for your channel click here.(6 Steps to Pick Your Channel Name).

3. Upload a profile picture and describe your channel using the best keywords:

After giving a good name, youtube will ask you to upload a profile picture. Here, you can upload any relevant picture according to your channel’s nature and objective. Then, you need to write a description of your channel. Here, you have to explain who you are, what channel is about and what viewers can expect from the channel. Don’t forget to add key points and phrases that viewers normally search for. And you need to use the same keywords in channel tags and videos too. It can help improve the SEO and help in ranking your channel higher. Also, add the link of your website or social media if you have any.

4. Verify your channel:

The next thing you need to do is verify the channel. It will help you unlock some extra features which will be very helpful in expanding the channel. For that click on your profile picture and go to settings. Here, You will see the option saying channel status and features and if you click that you can see the verify option. Now, select the country and using the phone number you will be able to verify your account.

5. Add attractive channel art:

After you verify your channel, return to youtube studio and go to view your channel to customize it. Here, you will be adding the channel art to make it look and feel like a brand. To get some good tips on creating a youtube banner, click here(How to Make a YouTube Banner).

6. Add photo and update your email address along with your location:

After you add channel art, you need to either upload a photo or use any photos that are already uploaded on Gmail or you can also add them from YouTube gallery. After adding that up, go to the about page again to make any changes to description. If not, you can add your location and email address to help people find you.

7. Channel customization:

Again go back to you-tube studio dashboard and then down to the bottom left for settings and then click channel for more customization of the channel. Now, click on branding option to add a watermark to your contents which also acts as a subscribe button. You can simply add your profile picture for that or make a little subscribe button. Also, you can choose where you want it to be displayed on the video and fix the time duration too.

8. Add the keywords to help viewers find your channel:

After that go to advanced settings to choose whether your channel is aimed at kids or not. Then, go to basic info settings where you can add the keywords that are associated to your channel. The keywords must be relevant and make sure it includes everything that your potential ideal subscribers may search for, to help them find your channel.

9. Update the default characteristics:

Now, you can go to upload defaults option to add some default characteristics which by default may be used for each of your contents. You can set the visibility option to private to make sure everything is good and to release the content in your own time. Also, set some tags that are relevant to each of your videos. Under advanced settings, you can set the value for licensing, comment option and so on. Save all of those things and backout from that.

10. Add channel managers and link up channel management tools:

For adding up channel managers, come back to the profile picture and head to Youtube just to take you back to the YouTube dashboard and then again click on the profile picture and go to settings. You can add or remove the channel managers from there. You can also see your channel and user Id from view advanced settings option to link up the channel management tools like Tube Buddy. This is strongly recommended. Also, you will get the option to set your custom URL there, once you fulfil the basic requirements.

After completing all of the above settings, your channel is set up and is ready to go. Start your journey by shooting some good videos or creating some good contents and uploading them.

create a YouTube channel

YouTube monetization, after you create a YouTube channel

The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) will let you monetize your channel once you fulfill the basic four requirements. They are :

  • At least thousand subscribers on the channel
  • Four hundred hours of watch time over the last 12 months
  • Complies with all YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  • AdSense account set up

Once the YouTube Partner Program approves your channel, you can take your monetization a step further by earning money from Super Chats, membership, and from the merchandise. This is how you can create a you-tube channel and make money thus pursuing a substantial career in YouTube.

Have a great time out there in YouTube and make the best out of it!

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