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How to apply for DV lottery 2022 for free using mobile/PC?

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Hurry up, apply for the DV lottery 2022 before it closes on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 (10:45 pm local time; Kartik 25, 2077 B.S.). Many people apply for DV lottery to fulfill the American dream of being prosperous and successful but only the lucky few get to live their dream. America has always valued diversity. So, through electronic diversity visa(E-DV),the USA provides opportunities for immigrants to make this beautiful country their new home.

This year intending applicants must include the passport information and they should check their country’s embassy page for important information. Though winners are selected randomly, you can follow the following steps to increase your chance to win the lottery.

1. Choose Chrome, Edge, Safari or any web browser of your preference and visit the US DV official site –

apply for DV lottery step 1

Go to the web browser from your mobile or PC, then type in Then, you will be redirected to the electronic diversity visa program official site. You can read the entry instructions or photo examples by clicking the “DV 2002 Instructions” and “Photo Examples” button respectively. We recommend you read these instructions properly to avoid any possible mistakes.

2. Scroll down to the entry form section and click the green “Begin Entry” button.

After you have read all the instructions from the official site, scroll down to click the green “Begin Entry” button.

3. Type the confirmation code that you see in your screen.

apply for DV lottery step 3

You need to enter the authentication code for the security reasons. In our case, the characters were “WPAT”. Now proceed to fill the DV form by clicking on blue “Submit” button.

4. Fill up the details that corresponds to your official documents.

i. Section 1-4

This section contains Name, Gender, Birth Date, City Where You Were Born Section. Be sure to enter your name that is in your official document. DO NOT ENTER YOUR NICKNAME. Those individuals who have a middle name need to type it or else they need to tick the “No Middle Name” box. In case, you are doubtful about your birth city, you can check the square box “Birth City Unknown”.

ii. Section 5-7a

If you are claiming eligibility based on the country you were born, click the radio button “Yes”. If you are not eligible to participate based on your country, click the “Explanation of Country of Eligibility” to see if there is another alternative. Then, in that case, click “No”, proceed to select a country you are applying for the DV lottery program.

Then in Section 7a, enter your passport information. If you do not have your passport and if you are Nepali, you can issue it from the Department of Passport.

iii. Section 7b – 8

If you cannot obtain the passport because of the reasons mentioned in 7B, choose one of the listed options.

In section 8, upload your picture by clicking on the “Choose New Photo” button. See photo examples or search online for the “DV lottery photo app” to get a better picture.

iv. Section 9-11

You enter your official address and contact details in this section. If you do not have the postal code, you can check the “No Postal Code/Zip Code” box. Likewise, entering your phone number detail is optional.

v. Section 12-13

Here, you enter your primary email address, the one you use on the regular basis.

In section 13, I have clicked on University Degree because I have completed my undergraduate degree. Choose the option that corresponds with your academic level.

vi. Section 14 – 15 (For an unmarried individual)

Check your marital status as unmarried. Usually unmarried do not any children so in that case, type the digit 0 in “the number of children” field. Then, click on continue which will direct you to the next web page as shown in step number 5.

vii. Section 14-15 (for married individuals)

If you are married, click either of the 2 buttons depending on whether your spouse is a US citizen or not. Then enter the number of your children and click continue.

viii. Part 2 Derivatives 14 a to f (for married individuals)

This is an extra step that married individual need to fill up. Married individuals need to enter their spouse details.

ix. g to h (for married individuals)

After filling all necessary information and uploading your spouse photo, click on “Continue” to proceed to the next web page. But, if you need to make some changes on the previous section then click on “Go Back to Part 1” button.

5. Verify your entered data and hit the submit button to confirm your application.

i. For unmarried individuals

You can check your entered data over here. If you need to make any changes, click on blue “Go Back to Part 1” button or click “Submit” to confirm your DV application.

iii. For married individuals

The only difference here is the “Go Back to Part 2” button, which will help you to edit the spouse details of your application. Once you are sure about the entered details, click on “Submit” to confirm your DV application.

6. Save your confirmation number to check whether you are selected for further processing or not.

Finally after successfully submitting your DV application, you will get Confirmation number which will be used to check whether you won your DV lottery or not. Once you close your window, you will not be able to retrieve this number. Save your confirmation number by taking a screenshot, noting it or saving it as a pdf by clicking on “Print” button.

These instructions have been created taking Nepalese citizens into consideration. Nevertheless, with few alterations, applicants from other countries can also follow these steps to successfully apply for DV lottery 2022.

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