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On May 17, prime minister Oli addressed to the nation that the lockdown has been extended till June 2. As of May 27, over 770 people were infected with the novel coronavirus in Nepal while the death toll reached 4. According to recent news, the lockdown is furthermore extended to June 14.

The following is the timeline of novel corona virus 2020 in Nepal:

Jan 23: First case confirmed. A 30-year-old student, who returned from the Wuhan china, was first the coronavirus patient in Nepal.[Ref]

March 23: Second case confirmed. 19-year-old Nepali student who returned to Nepal from France via Qatar on March 17.[Ref]

March 24: Prime minister Oli declares nation-wide lockdown till April 8.[Ref]

March 25: Third case in Kathmandu confirmed.[Ref]

March 27: Fourth case confirmed .[Ref]

March 28: Fifth case confirmed. A 19-year-old woman who had recently travelled to Kathmandu from Belgium.[Ref]

April 2: Sixth case confirmed. A 65-year-old woman who had recently travelled to Kathmandu, sharing a flight with previously confirmed patients, tested positive, bringing the total to six in the country.[Ref]

April 4: First case of local transmission ,additional 3 new cases.[Ref]

April 8: Prime minister Oli extended nationwide lockdown till April 14.[Ref]

April 11: 3 Indians residing in Parsa district tested positive. [Ref]

April 13: A 65-year-old woman from Kailali and a 19-year-old man from Rautahat tested positive for the disease.[Ref]

April 14: Two members of a family in Kathmandu which had returned from the United Kingdom four weeks earlier tested positive for the disease. Lockdown extended to 27th April . [Ref]

April 17th: 12 Indians residing in Nepal plus 2 people who were returned from UK tested positive totaling the cases to 30.[Ref]

April 22: Three new cases of coronavirus were confirmed. [Ref]

April 23: Two new cases were confirmed. A 55-year-old woman in Udayapur and a 14-year-old male from Janakpur. [Ref ]

April 26: 2 new cases from Parsa confirmed. [Ref]

April27: Lockdown extended till May 17.[Ref]

April 28: 2 new cases from Rautahat.[Ref]

April 29: 3 new cases . Tally reaches to 57.[Ref]

May 1: 2 new cases.[Ref]

May 3: 16 new cases. Total tally reaches to 75.[Ref]

May 5: 7 new cases.[Ref]

May 6 : 17 new cases. Total reaches to  99 .[Ref]

May 7: 2 new cases.[Ref]

May 8: 1 new case in Nepaljung.[Ref]

May 9: 8 new cases.[Ref]

May 11: The Health Ministry confirmed 24 new cases, taking the nationwide tally to 134.[Ref]

May 12: The Health Ministry confirmed 83 new cases taking the nationwide tally to 217. [Ref]

May 15: The total number of confirmed cases reached 258. [Ref]

May 16th – First death due to COVID-19.[Ref]

May 17: Second death due to COVID-19. Nationwide lockdown extended till June 2.[Ref]

May22: 50 new cases tally crosses 500. [Ref]

May 25: Nepal’s COVID-19 tally reaches 603 after confirmation of 19 new cases. [Ref]

May 27: According to MOHP, Nepal’s COVID-19 tally reaches to 772.[Ref]

May 31: The total number of COVID-19 infected people has been reached 1401 , death 6 and recovered 219.[Ref]

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coronavirus cases Nepal
covid 19 cases in Nepal(as of may 30)

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